With an affordable annual membership fee of $45, come join the Cake Decorators Association of SA. With regular meetings held at several metropolitan and country locations, there is probably a Branch near you where you can attend demonstrations and workshops, plus develop your skills, make new friends, gain new ideas and receive feedback & encouragement.

Our members range from juniors and upwards.

Join one of our Branches…

When you join a Branch, you are entitled to visit any of the other Branch to see their demonstrations or participate in their workshops or other events.  Most Branches meet monthly although this varies from club to club, especially in the country areas (View our current Calendar).  Meetings are followed either by demonstrations or hands-on workshops, which cater for all decorators from beginners to the more advanced.

Many of our Branches also have their own Facebook page to help you keep in touch.

What’s in it for you?

  • Develop your cake decorating skills and try new techniques.
  • Connect with others who dream cakes too!
  • Be inspired by other members and gather tips and tricks from them.
  • Swap ideas.
  • Make new friends.
  • Get feedback and encouragement from other members.
  • Receive advice on how to fix mistakes.
  • Maybe, be inspired to turn your hobby into a business venture.
  • We also publish an in-house magazine “Tube Talk” which is emailed to members four times per year. This magazine contains articles, pictures, recipes, and even instructional notes for those wishing to enhance their skills or just practice more.
  • In addition, we produce a monthly calendar (“Tube Talk Extra”) containing all the details of what is happening at each Branch in the coming month.

Your annual membership fee gives you:

  1. Demonstrations.
  2. Workshops. (Workshops may attract an additional fee to cover the cost of special materials.)
  3. The ability to attend any Branch… (If you like what another branch is doing? You are welcome to contact that Branch and arrange to attend their demonstration, workshop or other event.)
  4. Receive Four issues of our “Tube Talk” magazine – packed full of ideas, recipes and tutorials.
  5. Receive Eleven email-only issues of the “Tube Talk Extra” calendar.
  6. Affiliation with the Australian National Cake Decorators’ Association.
  7. Access to State and National Seminars.
  8. A reason to make your “dream cake”. How about entering it in a State or National competition?
  9. If you own a cake decorating business with a turnover of under $20,000, for an extra fee of $60 p/a, we offer small business Public and Product Insurance – for more information, before you make a decision, please contact your local branch for a copy of the PDS to see if the policy is right for you.
  10. As a member, you will also be part of a wider national body with access to meetings, workshops, newsletters and competitions as well as State and National seminars, featuring local and international guest demonstrators. All this for a very affordable annual membership fee!

Busy on a Saturday?

Most of our Branches meet during the week, so you will still be able to take the kids to sport or other family activities. 

Don’t be shy, we look forward to catching up with you at one of our meetings…

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